Each tooth consists of a crown-visible part of the tooth and one or more roots. In cases when the natural crown of the tooth is more damaged and when it can no longer be repaired with a filling, or for aesthetic reasons – inappropriate shape, color, position of the teeth, artificial ones are made. crowns.

It is necessary to grind such a tooth to the appropriate shape so that a “cover” can be placed on it, ie. an artificial crown that gives the tooth a new complete shape. Crowns can be metal-ceramic or ceramic, ie. “metal-free”.

Metalokeramičke krunice i mostovi

If most or all of the natural crown of the tooth is missing first
the so-called upgrade, which upgrades the lost part to a polished shape, ready to accept the “cover”, ie. rosary. The upgrade usually contains as an integral part peg which anchors the abutment at the root of the tooth.

If dental implants are implanted in the patient’s jaw bone as a replacement for lost teeth, then special artificial crowns are made on them after a certain time.


  Metal-ceramic crowns

METAL CERAMIC CROWNS are artificial crowns that contain a base or core of metal that gives strength and other positive mechanical characteristics, and through which several layers of special ceramics are applied, which gives beauty or natural shape and color of teeth and completely covers the metal part.

nadogradnja i kočić

If there are toothless fields between existing teeth, one of the ways of compensating for lost teeth and establishing a full dentition is making bridges.

Bridges, as the name says, bridge the toothless part of the jaw and rely on the existing teeth, so it is necessary to grind the existing teeth to the appropriate shapes.

Bridges consist of several interconnected crowns, some of which cover the ground abutment teeth and others fill the edentulous space and “pretend” new teeth. Like crowns, bridges can be metal-ceramic and ceramic, ie. “metal-free”. 

 Making procedure metal-ceramic crowns and bridges requires a few days from the patient and involves several visits to the office to take impressions of teeth and jaws, tests of metal bases, tests of ready-made restorations, cementation and control.

metalokeramičke krunice i most

metal-ceramic crowns and bridge