This is a set of different interventions in the field of periodontology, in order to maintain and treat the gums and the entire supporting (supporting) apparatus of the teeth.

First of all, tartar and soft deposits that settle over time must be removed regularly, in addition to, as patients say, regular brushing.

If it is not removed regularly, limescale builds up in the gums, and due to constant smoldering inflammation, the gums begin to bleed and thus form PERIODONTAL POCKETS which we now have to CURE (ie special instruments to remove limescale from these pockets and all the bad tissue that is there). multiplied together with bacteria).

If patients do not come to us regularly for these preventive actions, over time, the bone that holds the teeth in the jaw will melt due to constant smoldering inflammation, and so we will get very large PERIODONTAL POCKETS that we can no longer maintain without surgery. We regularly notice different degrees of loosening and disintegration in such teeth.

Now I resort to the so-called. CUTTING SURGERY, where now, under local anesthesia (so painlessly), the gums are lifted and with so many operative techniques and instruments, these so many pockets reduce and remove all the causes of previous inflammations.

The postoperative period is very bearable with certain advice, medications and behavior. We must note that we have to wait a month after the operation and then we may continue to undertake prosthetic works.