Many people have an aversion to dentists. They usually draw some trauma from their childhood when not much attention was paid to prevention at that time. Going to the dentist was reduced to pain and extractions. Today, we are grateful to young educated parents who bring their children to us when nothing hurts, because they know how important it is to establish a good friendly relationship between a dentist and a child that is based on TRUST.

It is desirable that we do nothing in the child’s mouth during the first visit. You just need to get to know him, and through the conversation show him a chair, how to pour water into a glass, how to use mirrors, how to brush your teeth …. And make a plan for the future … You don’t have to do anything next time if the child is distrustful and intimidated … We should continue to socialize until the child allows us to do what he needs to do in peace. If we predict that the intervention will be painful, then it should be animated to accept local anesthesia in the presence of the parents. We need to know that a child should not lie. If we say that nothing will hurt and later it still hurts, we lost that child as a patient and did him great damage in the future.

Sometimes parents can make things difficult with their nervous and impatient behavior.

When we notice that we will not benefit from them but only harm, sometimes we should ask them to stay in the waiting room. Many times it bore fruit.