Over time, due to age, smoking, uncontrolled intake of colored food and drinks and some medications, our teeth become darker and are no longer as representative as they once were. Such teeth can be returned to the starting position by whitening and even two or three shades can get more. Then we are all happy, both the patients and us!

However, some patients took certain tetracycline drugs (antibiotics) as a child, which were woven into the structure of the dentin and painted the teeth gray-green. We can’t whiten such teeth so much that they are white. We have to admit that we are not so powerful and state that with our treatment we can only bring them a shade lighter, but in that color. For some patients, that is enough to make them happy.


Postoji tzv. ORDINARY teeth whitening where it all ends in one session. The advantage of this method is that the gums are protected with a liquid rubber dam and the whitening process is performed under our control, ie under the control of a dentist.

By concentrating hydrogen peroxide, we can lighten your teeth in a short period of time by several shades. With the help of certain gels and modern lasers, the effect of teeth whitening is achieved very successfully.



There is also the so-called HOME teeth whitening where we make a tray, ie a transparent whitening foil, based on the tooth impression, which the patient wears for 2-3 hours during the day and thus achieves the desired shade day by day. Here there is a risk that the gel that is placed in the whitening tray leaks out over time and diffuses under the gums around the teeth and thus causes gum damage and unpleasant sensitivity of the teeth to cold, warm, sweet … Therefore, we prefer office teeth whitening, under the control of a dentist .

If you decide to whiten your teeth at home, our dentists will teach you about the correct use of trays, or how to do it properly at home.