Usually, the replacement of deciduous teeth with permanent teeth, in children, ends around the age of 12. Sometimes these permanent teeth grow without any problems because they have enough space in the jaw and line up just as we would like. However, it often happens that they grow wrong, that they are much larger than we expected and that we have the so-called anxiety in the jaw.

If until then we did not have the opportunity to do something because the parents simply did not bring the children to us to use mobile dentures to influence the jaw and teeth to fit properly, then the only solution is to place a fixed denture on the already grown permanent teeth.

It consists of small special tiles called. locks that are glued to the outer surfaces of the teeth in specific places. The locks have already written memory and with the help of various arcs that change to 2,3,4 weeks (depending on what we want to achieve) we move those teeth to the desired position over time. It is in the patient’s interest that this happens as slowly as possible, because otherwise we can split our teeth.

Therapy lasts from one to two years. Sometimes it lasts a little longer when the situation is more complicated and when we have to influence the patient’s concern. j. On the interrelationship of the jaws. After removing the prosthesis, the patient received a retention foil that he wore for as long as he wore the prosthesis.