zubni implanti

When you are missing one or more teeth and you want to make up for it, and all the other teeth are fine and mostly without large fillings, then I suggest implants.

Implants are mostly two-part and one part is, to put it simply, a replacement for a non-existent tooth root, and so to speak, they are “screwed”, that is, they are installed in the jaw in place of the extracted tooth. After a certain time (about 3 months) of osseointegration, another part of the so-called implant is placed in that screw. abutment and a crown is placed on it, which will compensate for the crown part of the non-existent tooth. This would solve the problem of toothlessness without destroying or disturbing the integrity of the existing teeth in the jaw.

In order to do that, you need to meet three conditions:

  1. that your jaw has enough width, height and thickness in the region where the tooth is missing
  2. that you really want it
  3. that you are materially capable.

Dental implants are done under local anesthesia. The procedure itself is often simpler than tooth extraction. With tooth extraction, we never know how long it will take, while with implantology with the help of a 3D image, everything is measured accurately and within 20-30 minutes, together with anesthesia and preparation, everything is ready.