There should be fewer and fewer of them in the 21st century, but it is still present!

It is a service by which, in order to prolong the life of the tooth, we surgically remove the tip of the tooth root, together with the granuloma-purulent sac-process …. Then it is desirable that if the root is filled, remove all inadequate filling, disinfect the canal, and then filled and hermetically sealed during the operation. Only in this way can we expect a permanently favorable result.

How it is created:

When we do not go to the dentist in time to remove our caries and close the tooth with a filling, we are already late and allow the bacteria to penetrate into the chamber where the nerve is located. Then we say that the nerve became infected and inflamed … If we don’t do anything and the doctor doesn’t cure your tooth, the nerve-pulp rots and everything turns into pus that penetrates over the top of the root into bone, which again causes the formation of pus over time. a sac that can now only be removed physically-surgically.

Unfortunately, this sometimes happens with teeth that have not been carefully processed and insufficiently filled. Then there is a part of the empty space in which the remaining bacteria multiply over time and quietly – imperceptibly make this process which must now be physically removed again. surgical intervention- apicptomy.